Monday, 24 January 2011

MYLO for Merlin John

Here is the link to my article for Merlin John mid January. I was delighted to be able to talk about MYLO for his super website

- we are using MYLO with all of our KS3 classes as best we can and giving it a real go. I like it a lot - it's modern, trendy, the pupils can get going on it fairly intuitively apart from a couple of spots where teacher knowledge really helps
1. TELL them to join the class group you have set up for them - there is no prompt
2. Remind them to scroll down to see stuff! It is amazing how often they don't look!

They LOVE the competition and we are trying to catch up with Norton Hill School at the moment - this local Language College is storming ahead. The Ballard School too is one where I know the teacher and it makes a difference if I say we have to beat so and so! Our pupils are learning well with it - they like the style, the avatars and they visit lots of the challenges at one sitting. The next step is to get them producing the final projects - we have set the work to do at home for a number of classes,who seem to be delighted to have an IT homework to do for languages.

If you haven't yet experimented with MYLO I would highly recommend visiting the site and having a go. It's free, well designed and ready to run for classes in KS3 and some KS4. Here's the official plug!

Free online language learning website (internet connection required) aimed at pupils studying modern foreign languages at key stages three and four. It contains interactive challenges and support material in French, Spanish, German and Mandarin.
MYLO, has been developed by Lightbox Education, in partnership with the Department for Education, Cambridge University, CILT, ALL and the University of Salford.
MYLO website
Email contact
Technical support line: 08453 077 834

Monday, 10 January 2011

London Language Show Oct 2010

I had a great time at London Language Show - first time I've made it and it was great to meet many of the teachers I have got to know virtually. Marie France and I ran the gauntlet of the exhibitors' stands looking for good ideas,inspiration, freebies - of which there were fewer - and excellent seminars.

Just a shame about the sound deficiencies - how can they think that running seminars in open-topped tents inside a main exhibition hall is a good idea? Speakers really struggled but all had come prepared. Joe Dale, Russell Stannard and Rachel Hawkes had all learned the hard way last year and had talks already on their blogs or websites - Russell had even recorded a version of his in advance!!

Here are the links to the various sites for these seminars. Joe as ever is full of excellent ideas for using Web 2 technologies in class and he piles on the information so that no-one feels short-changed. If you don't know Joe's website - visit it quick joedale.typepad Joe has a handle on all things ICT for MFL

Rachel Hawkes has so much energy that her seminars are packed full of expectant teachers who know that she'll give fantastic value for money - she didn't disappoint. I really enjoyed both of her seminars and have shared both in school as best I could. Links here for her tremendous material - all at her new website

Here's the link for another presentation that Rachel did on ideas to take to the classroom tomorrow - it's full of great ideas that this generous lady is happy to share. I have been promoting it with my department since the London Show.
I'll do a separate post on Russell later - so much to relate!