Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Inspiring work - calligrammes

Last month my friend Marie France Perkins sent a tweet out about the lovely work done by her pupils on the 1st World War - if you don't use Twitter then you may be missing some of the amazing sharing that takes place on a regular basis. Marie France runs her blog called Sans problèmes for promoting French and show-casing her pupils' work. In March she posted some fabulous calligrams - picture poems in the style of Apollinaire - and a terrific link for a french site showing Art from the WW1 trenches - very moving stuff and MF's pupils have produced some great work - thanks for sharing with us. It has reminded me of this lovely way of recycling vocabulary - word pictures for all sorts of lexical areas.
I like the site for English teachers too for writing shape poems - there is a lot that we can adapt very quickly for MFL. This week I have challenged my Year 9s to make their own calligrammes in the style of Apollinaire or to substitute their own ideas into his poem Automne - I'll post the results when I mark their work with any luck!

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